Bridging the gap between big data and the Python ecosystem.

Large-scale feature engineering made easy, so modeling innovation can thrive.

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About Infio

Data analytics framework

Python query language tailored to data analytics workflow, data navigation/exploration and integrated cloud deployment.
We built it so you don't have to.

Python query language for quants and developers
  • Data analytics library with modular, re-usable components
  • Ease of adoption in the Python community
  • Works alongside Pandas
Virtualization approach to derived data
  • Analytics-friendly pipeline, features and metrics building
  • Materialization and caching on-demand
  • Empowers you to write the code that fits your needs
Integration with multiple data warehouses
  • Analytics code does not need to change when databases change
  • Easy to add adapters to new data warehouses
  • Cloud-based and on-prem
Data analytics framework

Competitive advantages

Richer functionality, easier to learn and use.

DescriptionINFIODBTSQL Alchemy
Object-oriented API for relational data
Tailored to analytics
Performance and scalability
Pythonic query language
Virtual approach to derived dataLimited
Platform and database agnostic
Ease of development and adoption in Python community
Modular, reusable and testable components
About Us

History of Infio


We developed our data analytics framework as part of a project launched in 2018 for a large US bank. Our product was tailored to the needs of a large client with complex data.

Infio is born

In 2021 we turned this framework into a commercial product (Infio) that has the potential to benefit many other companies.


Clients are actively using our framework. We are onboarding multiple new customers and expanding our offerings.

“The Infio framework is an important ingredient in the advancement of our client-centric data analytics.”

— Head of Analytics, major US bank

Our team


Edith Mandel



Mikhail Drachuk


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